Accessible Ceilidhs
At CeilidhKids we love dancing with everyone, and want to make sure Scottish dancing can be accessible to anybody.

Although we do most of our dancing with children and families, especially pre-schoolers, we have also led many successful ceilidh sessions with other groups who need a bit of extra help, and who appreciate having dances adapted to their abilities.

So we have run seated ceilidhs for those with mobility issues, and both seated and the more traditional ceilidhs for people with dementia. We have led many ceilidhs for those who use wheelchairs. We have worked with the charity Tailor Ed to bring ceilidh dancing to those on the autistic spectrum, and with the RNIB for those with visual impairment. If you have any physical or learning disabilities you are always welcome at our sessions, but we can also tailor events to your needs, and let you set the pace.

We’re not experts in every group yet, but are very keen to build up this side of CeilidhKids and to expand our repertoire. So please get in touch to discuss your requirements, and we’ll see what we can do!
As always, it works best if everyone is partnered by someone who can help and guide them.
For those whose knees need a bit of extra care
Or if you tend to forget what you are doing
Or if you just need a bit more reassurance…