A Tour of Ceilidh Dancing Web Sites

Ceilidh dancing is not very well represented on the web at present. Basically there are two sites I've found so far. My Grand Chain web site has a section for ceilidh dancing, including instructions for the more common ceilidh dances. Mike's Community Forum has ceilidh discussion groups and events (which are mainly centred in Edinburgh). And the Ceilidh Junkies online has a comprehensive set of events for Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen and Rest of Scotland, plus band and venue reviews and a mailing list, although it seems to be falling by the wayside since Mike's Community was set up. If you're looking in Edinburgh, Edinburgh Ceilidhs at the Lot has weekly ceilidhs in the Grassmarket, and there are montly Teannaich ceilidhs in South Hall, Pollock Halls. Another site to try is the Glasgow Dance Guide. This covers all sorts of dance forms, but does include ceilidh dancing.

If you're looking for a band, Grand Chain's band listing is about as comprehensive as it gets. Information is mainly provided by the bands themselves, so varies widely in the amount of information provided, and it can hardly be said to be impartial. The reviews provided by Ceilidh Junkies are independent, but there are only a few on offer.

If I've missed anything, please drop me a line - I'd love to know.

Ian Brockbank
September 2003

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